About Leaf on the Wind

Amy, also known as Scarlet Chandrayaan (owner of Alouette) in Second Life, is one tough young lady.   At the young age of 26 Amy was planning the big move interstate with her boyfriend ready to start a fresh new life together when she received the news no one ever wants to hear.  Cancer that she had fought off once before has returned and this time it’s worse.  The doctors have given her 2 years at the most if she just continues on with life as it is at the moment and makes the most of the time she has left.  There are a few options open to her, but none a sure fire cure all.  No one wants to be dealt this blow, whether young or having lived a long life, but Amy is soldiering on with a smile on her face ready to battle this with whatever options she can.  We’re all hoping she can fight this once more and live a long life.

New profile pic!

Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event that will be held to benefit Amy in hopes of helping her make a wish come true of visiting London.  The creators behind Leaf on the Wind want to thank any and all of you that send Amy well wishes and words of support, and for those of you that offer to donate to this worthy cause.

For information on donating at the event, visit the Applications page. There is a page with all the news and updates as we venture through this with Amy; as well as a page with information on getting a postcard from your corner of the globe included into a gift album for Amy.

The event will run from January 10th through to February 1st of 2015.  Stores that will be involved in the event may also have donation kiosks in their store if you wish to start donating in advance (check the creators page for a list of who is participating). The theme for the event is All Things London!


3 thoughts on “About Leaf on the Wind

  1. It’s so amazing how the people we meet in SL can come together to move mountains. Tons of kudos to those that are donating their time and skill to helping this wonderful young lady achieve her dreams. May they carry her far and wide. ❤


  2. Stunning event, Stunning ladies in Arora and Amy and if Amy fancies a trip up north from London to North Yorkshire tell her to let me know 🙂 Good luck with the fundraising and stunning items from all the vendors. Hope my blog helps 🙂

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