Fire up the engines!

A week ago we surprised Amy with the announcement of Leaf On The Wind.  There were many happy tears and hugs and so many words of support and comfort from the community for Amy.  As well as that, plurk was abuzz with the news of the event and our numbers tripled within 24 hours.

Donation kiosks can be found around the grid at the main stores of the creators that will be involved in the event in January.  To find out where you can find a kiosk visit our Creators Who Are Donating page.

As well as our fundraising efforts, we are aiming to get a post card from all corners of the globe and present it to Amy in a special personalised album.  If you would like to find out more visit the Well Wishes from around the World page and fill in your details.  We have branched out far and wide already, but still so many places untouched.

One of our event sponsors, Dust Bunny, has graciously offered to supply specially made builds for the event.  For those of you unfamiliar with the brand make sure you check out the Flickr page to see samples of the awesome work.

One last update for today – There will be auction items on display at the event that you can place bids on through the duration of the event.  On the last weekend we will be going out with a bang and celebrating our fundraising efforts with a party.  We’ll be having a DJ for the party and will be announcing the winners of the auction items.  These items will be major pieces, some never to be released in main store items.  Make sure you come by and place your bids then join us at the end party to celebrate.

Stay tuned for more news and updates as we get closer to the Leaf On The Wind event day.


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