The Countdown begins

Christmas is almost here, which means Leaf on the Wind isn’t far away either.  We have 5 weeks until opening ay but still lots of planning and designing and building to do in the meantime.  Have you checked out our Creators Participating pages to see who will be at the event?  Don’t forget if you want to make an early donation you can find a donation booth at most of the stores in world.  So far we have raised L$32,331 How fantastic is that!  Here’s hoping that we keep on raising like we have been and punch through our target to give Amy the best holiday full of memories she deserves.

And speaking of fantastic news – for those of you that may not be following along with her on plurk and keeping up to date on news, Amy got some wonderful news from her Doctors this week.

My oncologist has been checking my CA125 tumor/cancer marker and originally it was at 130, which is ridiculously high, and as of today it’s down to 25!  News has also come back from the gene testing on my tumor and apparently some receptor in my liver isn’t behaving properly and that seems to be what’s causing all the tumors.  So they’re going to look at treatment to target it if my CT scan don’t show any improvement. He says everything is absolutely fantastic and at the rate I’m going I will hopefully be around for more than the 1-2 year prognosis.  ~Amy

This is absolutely wonderful news.  Keep kicking ass Amy!


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