Bloggers Access Kicks Off

I was beginning to think that things were going to run ever so smoothly right to the finish of Leaf of the Wind and that I had somehow been blessed by the gods with such a fantastic event and group of designers (which they all are of course, I jinxed it all with my own booboos, oopsies).  That was until I kicked off the bloggers access.  Sent out the notice to the group that has over 800 bloggers in it – only to then see the group chat start up with people not being able to get in.  Whoops.  20 minutes later with the help of Voshie Paine the sim was finally accessible to bloggers.

The bloggers were let lose whilst some designers were still setting up and I was still busily getting the auction boards ready for opening day.  I did a quick check of the balance on the fund account to see where we were at, a little over L$144,000 before the bloggers started shopping.  A pretty good start to the event I think.

It’s not 13 hours later.  Not even a full 24 hours of bloggers access has gone by and we are currently sitting at….wait for it….


For us to reach our goal of sending Amy to London we need roughly L$620,000.  We are almost half way there and we haven’t even opened yet *flails*.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a special post.  See you all at Leaf on the Wind soon.


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