We Are Open

Earlier today I managed to sneak a few minutes with Amy and surprised her by teleporting her to the event.  A bunch of creators and myself all waited for her to arrive and showered her with chat spam and then I promptly crashed.

Leaf on the Wind Opening Day

It was nice to see Amy in world and give her the opportunity to see first hand the hard work put in by all at the event and without all the crowds lagging her down.  Since Amy wasn’t feeling 100% she didn’t stay long but we managed to grab a quick picture with her.

And now you can all come see for yourselves. HOORAY!  There is an info booth in the centre of the shops where you first land that will direct you to here, to our flickr and also give you information about the build itself.  If you are interested in getting your hands on a special auction prize then stop by the auction area and place your bid.  Winners will be announced during our end of event party, which will be held on the Titanic.  We promise not to sink this one though!  The rainbow shirts you can see in the photo above were kindly donated by Sanura Snowpaw of Somnia.  They come in both guys and girls versions and you can pick them up free at the information booth in the landing area.

Leaf on the Wind Taxi.

Our balance on opening day is already way past halfway point to our goal.  We open the event with L$384,256


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