Day One Update

I’m a little late with getting the end of first trading day update out.  RL gets in the way at the most annoying times.  So the end of day one trading is slightly longer than 24 hours since we opened.  But fantastic none the less!
Leaf on the Wind 1/10-2/1

I’d like to share some bloggers photos that have been trickling into the Flickr group with this post as well.  The above photo was submitted by Wendz Tempest, I love the mood she set with the windlight and post processing.  The next one is by Lexo Merlin.  It’s great to see the bloggers taking advantage of various props around the sim and using them in their photos.

# Lex # 669

With the merchants all set up and ready to go, and Amy having had her royal tour, we decided that it was no point in sitting around for 3 hours until midnight to open the gates so we opened them early.  Thus began the spamming of all the groups and social media.  My plurk timeline suddenly exploded with posts of LOTW IS OPEN followed by replurks of replurks of replurks.  It was great to see so many people getting behind the excitement.  If you have visited the sim for Leaf on the Wind you may have noticed the butlers around the place.  When I saw Izzie Button’s photo hit the flickr group I chuckled and instantly loved it.  Using her own butler for her photo just makes it perfectly fitting.

How To Win A Princess's Heart

Now if you didn’t catch the We Are Open post, we opened the event with a staggering L$384,256 in the fund account already.  If you’ve looked at our Goal Tally page you’ll see that our aim is to get $2500 USD.  Take out the cost of airfares, taxes, travel to and from airports, any miscellaneous expenses like passport fees etc it doesn’t leave a lot of spending money.  But it’s enough to allow her to buy some trinkets and have a good time, especially with the cost of a motel not needed because she will be staying with her dear friend Nicola; who might I add was the original brain child behind this awesome event.  Nicola asked around plurk for someone who ran events in SL to contact her.  I am always interested in new events to get running off the ground so I poked her, between her ideas of wanting to run a fundraiser to help Amy make some memories and live her life to the fullest and my event planning brain kicking in; Leaf on the Wind was born.

Leaf on the Wind

Willow Zander’s photo, above, is too cute for words.  Sometimes you don’t need a whole scene set up with a background and windlights and fancy decorations to make a picture stand out. I love how everything just fits together nicely in her photo. Now to wrap up the end of the first day of trading.  Our donation boxes are getting hammered, so many people come by to shop, and not only do they make donations by purchasing multiple items from the event but on their way out they throw money in the donation jar as well.  It’s really made such an impact on our goal tally that I am just blown away.  What would be really great news is to have our goal reached and then exceeded to give Amy the ability to either stay a little longer in London and be able to afford to go sightseeing and buy gifts to take home for family and loved ones, or just have excess funds after her holiday to come home and maybe take a break from SL work for a month to focus on her health and still have the money in the account to be able to pay the bills. Well……Amy and Nicola, you ladies best start planning this holiday soon because at the end of day one, halfway through day two, our balance is L$593,515.  To reach our goal of $2500 USD we need approx L$617,500.  We are only just shy of L$25,000 away from our end goal.  With the way things have been going day by day, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is reached by the end of day two.  And we still have 3 three weeks to go!

Style - It's All London, Baby!

A huge thank you to all the creators who have joined us in this event and helped make this dream come true for Amy.  It’s going to happen there is no doubting that now.  We are going to send Amy to London.  To each and every one of our shoppers that have come by and bought something, or even just visited the sim and left a donation in a jar, thank you. It is because of all of you, creators and consumers, that we are helping Amy to cross off a bucket list item and make some happy memories.  Final two photos are courtesy of Alicia Cheneaux (above) and Romyka Mars (below).  Both ladies using the sim for their photos again.  I love the excited feeling in Alicia’s photo and the uniqueness in Romyka’s.  Keep the photos coming bloggers, we would love to see more.

Leaf on the Wind


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