Update and Auction Preview

Yesterday was an exiting day.  Before day two was even finished we reached our goal.  Now we continue to raise to be able to make Amy’s trip last longer and for her to be able to visit more places whilst she is in London.  Not only that, but hopefully we will have raised enough so that when Amy returns from her trip she can take some Amy time and relax and recuperate and not have to worry about work or bills for a short while.

Have you been by to check out the auction area at the sim?  Atomic Faery have 4 original mesh necklaces inspired by the London music scene.  You get all four necklaces in a special bronze colour (not the silver shown in the pictures), all you need to do is make a bid (click image to see larger).

UFOAd LondonAd FloydAd ArthurAd

Todays flickr photo is courtesy of Eloen Maerdrym.  I love the sneaky little inclusion of the glasses from the gacha at [Fetch].

Call Me

Our current donation amount is L$675,684


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