End of Week Two Update

It doesn’t feel like it’s been two weeks already.  What a ride it has been since the early days of preparation. Going to start off the post with a flickr favourite from Isabeal Jupiter.  I love the mood of this photo.  The stillness and silence of it.

Pigeon Island

On this past Friday the Jan/Feb edition of Love To Decorate was released and it was a very special edition indeed.  In honor of Amy/Scarlet, Love To Decorate have named this issue 4Scarlet, and interviewed her for their Featured Designer .  A few weeks back LTD also announced their generous plans of donating their advertising proceeds from the Jan/Feb issue to Leaf on the Wind.


Another flickr favourite today comes from Zeke Jestyr.  It’s nice to see some of the male bloggers out there getting on board.  Such a simple photo, but the focus and clarity of Cheeky Peas candle lamp is quite something.

When everything's made to be broken...

Don’t forget you only have this week left to go place your bids on the auction boards.  Todays auction update is even.flow with their special pack containing red, white and blue versions of their Wendy Dress, Everyday Sweaters, Urban Ponchos Reindeer, Zip It Skirts and Igraine Dresses in solids and florals.  What a pack!

even.flow - Igraine Dress Poster even.flow - Zip It Skirt Poster even.flow - Urban Poncho Poster even.flow - Wendy Dress Poster even.flow - Everyday Sweaters Poster

Of course what would an end of week update be without an update for our donation tally.  We have currently raised L$957,159 (which is over USD$ 3,000)


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