Mid Week Update

I went through Flickr with a fine tooth comb the last few days and found so many more pictures that were tagged with Leaf on the Wind but hadn’t been submitted to our Flickr group. So after sending something like a hundred invites to have photos added to the group I wanted to do another post with more than just one Flickr mention. So the first photo for today comes from Sophee Mojo.  I really like how she stuck to just two main colours for her colour palette and they compliment each other so nicely.
that look you gave me

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday at 4PM SLT we will be celebrating the end of Leaf on the Wind and having a party on board the Titanic on the sim.  DJ, Miss London Callin, is donating all tips received from the party towards Leaf on the Wind and we are really hoping to go out with a bang and have one million lindens in the account.  We are already so close!

For Amy

The photo above is from Lucie Bluebird and what really bought a smile to my face for this one was that Lucie used the Live, love, laugh wall decor from Alouette, Amy/Scarlet’s store, in her blog post.  It was a nice touch and very fitting for the moving post she wrote.  The photo below is from Multimuse Resident.  She really thought outside the box for this one and resized the Ispachi set so she looked like a little mini person standing on the table in amongst the cupcakes.  Very cute!

Piggy Cupcake Profile Photo

Don’t forget the auctions will end during our Titanic party on Saturday so if you haven’t yet placed any bids now is the time to run in and outbid those that are currently there.  Cyclic Gearz, owner of LVLE, has a fabulous item on the auction boards – one blender lesson worth USD$35.  If you have been wanting to learn how to use the 3D program but haven’t been able to afford lessons or find good tutorials then you don’t want to miss out this one.  As well as the blender lessons LVLE is hosting a second Auction board.  This one is auctioning off a one of a kind art work drawn by Cyclic’s RL partner, Daniel Burrows.  It truly is an amazing art piece.


To close off todays update we have this adorable set up from Joonie, using the items from Dust Bunny. The cat totally makes the picture just that more awesome.  And for those wondering what our donation tally is at the moment, we’re sitting at L$968,823, just L$31,177 short of reaching that one million mark.

Home is Where the Heart Is ♥


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