Second Last Update

Big Ben Bats back cover

The end of Leaf on the Wind is drawing close.  Which means the auctions are almost ready to end and the Million Linden Party is only a day away. The next update will be the final tally for the donations received at the event and we are all hoping that we close out with breaking through the million linden mark.  So a couple of flickr features for you all, the above photo is courtesy of Aarya Phantomhive and Devin Vaughn.  They did a fun album cover featuring many Leaf on the Wind items.  Below is very soft and mellow photo from Taleah Mcmahon.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, so tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Don’t forget to come on over to the sim and join us at 4pm SLT on Saturday for our Million Linden Party with DJ Miss London Callin.  During the party event the Auction boards will be ending and final winners will be announced.  Our final auction reminder is for a gift voucher from NACH.

NACH Leaf on the Wind Auction Poster

Our current donation balance is sitting pretty at L$977,599.  Can we make up that last L$22,401 to reach the million linden mark?


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