Leaf on the Wind has come to a close

It’s always a sad day when cleaning up after an event.  After spending days, even weeks putting a sim together, not to mention the months prior planning it, and in the click of the mouse it all goes poof. But it’s a happy day because not only did we smash our target within the first two days, but the second target we set of L$1,000,000 was also smashed during out Million Linden Party on board the Titanic.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

Scarlet and her RL partner joined the creators, myself and DJ London Callin for a party on board the Titanic for some laughter, dancing and fun times.  Including the tragic sinking of the Titanic, the irony is not lost on me *shakes her head*.  Due to a bit of a lag spike and clicky fingers when I went to cam around the ship ‘mysteriously’ disappeared and plunged a few unlucky souls into the depths, still dancing of course!

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

Those that were lucky enough to be standing on a part of the ship that remained above water simply laughed and kept on dancing. The party was a celebration of the event coming to a close, but we also set ourselves a second target to reach.  The party was called the Million Linden Party because we were so close to having that amount in the fundraising account that we wanted to reach it and go out with a huge hurrah.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party
And we did!  Mid way through the set we smashed it and there was still today’s trading left.  To celebrate hitting one million fireworks were set off, without the ship burning down, and everyone partied harder.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

So now the cleanup begins, plurk will stop being bombarded with a multitude of “LOTW PLURKS” and we can all settle down and have a rest.  Especially Amy, since she is going to need to rest up before her big trip to London!!!  A date has not been set yet, but once it is we will be sure to let you all know. We will also be giving Amy the run of the blog when she does go on her trip so that she can log in and keep us up to date with diary entries or photos.  I’m sure everyone will want to see her happy smiling face from London enjoying the well needed holiday.

LoTW - 03

So from all of us at Leaf on the Wind – thank you to each and every one of you that shopped, donated, sent Amy words of support and put up with the constant barrage of LotW plurks and blog posts.  Because of you Amy will get to make a wish come true and visit London! In total we raised





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