Cashing Out

So we’re making steps closer and closer towards Amy visiting London.  As per our last update, the funds were sent on to Amy’s account for her to cash out to save dramas and forms and all around blehness.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Amy was kind enough to send me some screen caps to show you all the cashout process being done.

1 – Money reached Amy’s account /

2 – Amy didn’t have a high enough cash out limit so she did it in two parts.  So this first one shows the ‘half amount’ cash out being started.

3 and 4 – Confirmation from Second Life of the transfer of the funds to Amy’s paypal account.

5 and 6 – Confirmation again from Second Life a couple of weeks later for the remaining half.


So the total donation amount that Amy received, after fees from cashing out (blehhhhh) was a whopping USD$3962.55.  Fantastic work residents of Second Life.  What an amazing effort.  We needed to get USD$2500 to be able to pay for the trip and give Amy a little spending money.  So this is just fabulous news.

I spoke briefly with Amy a couple of weeks ago about if she had any idea on dates of when she would like to go.  At the moment she is working on, hopefully, going around September.  So as soon as she gets her tickets booked and in her hot little hand I’ll see if I can convince her to do a selfie with them so we can see her excitement 😀

Stay tuned folks.


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