Watch How She Soars

It is with great sadness that I update this blog today.  Earlier this month things took a hard turn for the worse with Amy being admitted to hospital with liver problems.  Doctors gave her the harsh news of the cancer spreading and weren’t very optimistic about the length of time she had left (one saying from weeks to months and the other saying take it day by day).  Amy did what she always does and put on her brightest smile and tackled each day as it came.  There were rough patches and she was struggling, sadly today Amy lost that battle.

A tumblr has been set up by another of Amy’s close friends, Saff, where you can share words of support for Amy that her family will be able to see.  To show them just how much of a mark Amy left on all of our hearts. I’m going to be changing my profile picture on various sites in rememberance of Amy.  Please feel free to take the image below and share or do the same.

RIP Amy />
We will miss you Amy, but you will never be forgotten.  Rest Peacefully.


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