Direct Donations

For those of you that wish to donate directly to Amy, she is supplying her PayPal email address so that you can send a direct donation gift straight to her.  Any amount big or small can make a huge difference in helping Amy with medical expenses, travel expenses to and from the hospital for treatments, or just treating herself with a special something at a cafe on her way home to cheer herself up.  Chemotherapy really drains a person and leaves them feeling ill for a few days so these bright sparks can mean the world to Amy.

To donate directly simply open your PayPal account and go to “Send Money” from your tabs at the top.  Enter in Amy’s email address which is below, type in the amount you wish to donate, select “USD – US Dollars” from the drop down menu.  Then click on “Family or Friends” to send it as a gift then click continue.

PayPal address for Amy –


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