Event Auction

Special items have been donated from some of the merchants of Leaf on the Wind to auction off throughout the duration of the event.  All items are special one off deals specifically for this event, each with a significant value to them.

All auction boards have a minimum starting bid of L$250 and will be active at the opening of Leaf on the Wind on January 10th.  The boards will remain open for bids through to the 31st of January.  Between 4pm and 7pm on the 31st we will be having an end of event party DJ’d by Miss London Calling.  During this party the winners of the boards will be announced and items given out.  If you are unable to make the party a notecard will be sent to you, if you are the winning bidder, and a time will be made to arrange collection of your item(s).

Each merchant that has an item up for auction has supplied some info about their items, check the auction pages to see what you can bid on.


2 thoughts on “Event Auction

  1. Just wondering (as I didn’t see anything on the boards or near them) … I’ve never participated in an auction like this before and I was wondering, what happens if I’m outbid? For example, if I bid 500L and someone comes and bids 550L, will my bid be refunded?


    • Hi Maya, yes if someone places a bid higher than yours you get refunded and the board will message you and let you know that you have been outbid, that way if you want to TP back and place a higher bid you can.


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