Watch How She Soars

It is with great sadness that I update this blog today.  Earlier this month things took a hard turn for the worse with Amy being admitted to hospital with liver problems.  Doctors gave her the harsh news of the cancer spreading and weren’t very optimistic about the length of time she had left (one saying from weeks to months and the other saying take it day by day).  Amy did what she always does and put on her brightest smile and tackled each day as it came.  There were rough patches and she was struggling, sadly today Amy lost that battle.

A tumblr has been set up by another of Amy’s close friends, Saff, where you can share words of support for Amy that her family will be able to see.  To show them just how much of a mark Amy left on all of our hearts. I’m going to be changing my profile picture on various sites in rememberance of Amy.  Please feel free to take the image below and share or do the same.

RIP Amy />
We will miss you Amy, but you will never be forgotten.  Rest Peacefully.

Cashing Out

So we’re making steps closer and closer towards Amy visiting London.  As per our last update, the funds were sent on to Amy’s account for her to cash out to save dramas and forms and all around blehness.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Amy was kind enough to send me some screen caps to show you all the cashout process being done.

1 – Money reached Amy’s account /

2 – Amy didn’t have a high enough cash out limit so she did it in two parts.  So this first one shows the ‘half amount’ cash out being started.

3 and 4 – Confirmation from Second Life of the transfer of the funds to Amy’s paypal account.

5 and 6 – Confirmation again from Second Life a couple of weeks later for the remaining half.


So the total donation amount that Amy received, after fees from cashing out (blehhhhh) was a whopping USD$3962.55.  Fantastic work residents of Second Life.  What an amazing effort.  We needed to get USD$2500 to be able to pay for the trip and give Amy a little spending money.  So this is just fabulous news.

I spoke briefly with Amy a couple of weeks ago about if she had any idea on dates of when she would like to go.  At the moment she is working on, hopefully, going around September.  So as soon as she gets her tickets booked and in her hot little hand I’ll see if I can convince her to do a selfie with them so we can see her excitement 😀

Stay tuned folks.

Transfer of Funds

After talks with Scarlet and looking in to tax laws and such it was decided that the funds would be transferred direct to her in SL to be able to cash out herself.  With me being in Australia – transferring the funds out to me then transferring on to Scarlet would have ended up in three lots of taxes being paid and a whole mess of paperwork.  That being said Scarlet will be sending me a screen shot of when she cashes out and also when she has purchased her tickets \o/  She is hoping to be able to go around September, and will be posting on here to keep you all up to date on how her trip goes.  We all hope you have an awesome time Scarlet and can’t wait to hear all about it!


Leaf on the Wind has come to a close

It’s always a sad day when cleaning up after an event.  After spending days, even weeks putting a sim together, not to mention the months prior planning it, and in the click of the mouse it all goes poof. But it’s a happy day because not only did we smash our target within the first two days, but the second target we set of L$1,000,000 was also smashed during out Million Linden Party on board the Titanic.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

Scarlet and her RL partner joined the creators, myself and DJ London Callin for a party on board the Titanic for some laughter, dancing and fun times.  Including the tragic sinking of the Titanic, the irony is not lost on me *shakes her head*.  Due to a bit of a lag spike and clicky fingers when I went to cam around the ship ‘mysteriously’ disappeared and plunged a few unlucky souls into the depths, still dancing of course!

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

Those that were lucky enough to be standing on a part of the ship that remained above water simply laughed and kept on dancing. The party was a celebration of the event coming to a close, but we also set ourselves a second target to reach.  The party was called the Million Linden Party because we were so close to having that amount in the fundraising account that we wanted to reach it and go out with a huge hurrah.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party
And we did!  Mid way through the set we smashed it and there was still today’s trading left.  To celebrate hitting one million fireworks were set off, without the ship burning down, and everyone partied harder.

Leaf on the Wind Million Linden Party

So now the cleanup begins, plurk will stop being bombarded with a multitude of “LOTW PLURKS” and we can all settle down and have a rest.  Especially Amy, since she is going to need to rest up before her big trip to London!!!  A date has not been set yet, but once it is we will be sure to let you all know. We will also be giving Amy the run of the blog when she does go on her trip so that she can log in and keep us up to date with diary entries or photos.  I’m sure everyone will want to see her happy smiling face from London enjoying the well needed holiday.

LoTW - 03

So from all of us at Leaf on the Wind – thank you to each and every one of you that shopped, donated, sent Amy words of support and put up with the constant barrage of LotW plurks and blog posts.  Because of you Amy will get to make a wish come true and visit London! In total we raised




Second Last Update

Big Ben Bats back cover

The end of Leaf on the Wind is drawing close.  Which means the auctions are almost ready to end and the Million Linden Party is only a day away. The next update will be the final tally for the donations received at the event and we are all hoping that we close out with breaking through the million linden mark.  So a couple of flickr features for you all, the above photo is courtesy of Aarya Phantomhive and Devin Vaughn.  They did a fun album cover featuring many Leaf on the Wind items.  Below is very soft and mellow photo from Taleah Mcmahon.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, so tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Don’t forget to come on over to the sim and join us at 4pm SLT on Saturday for our Million Linden Party with DJ Miss London Callin.  During the party event the Auction boards will be ending and final winners will be announced.  Our final auction reminder is for a gift voucher from NACH.

NACH Leaf on the Wind Auction Poster

Our current donation balance is sitting pretty at L$977,599.  Can we make up that last L$22,401 to reach the million linden mark?

Mid Week Update

I went through Flickr with a fine tooth comb the last few days and found so many more pictures that were tagged with Leaf on the Wind but hadn’t been submitted to our Flickr group. So after sending something like a hundred invites to have photos added to the group I wanted to do another post with more than just one Flickr mention. So the first photo for today comes from Sophee Mojo.  I really like how she stuck to just two main colours for her colour palette and they compliment each other so nicely.
that look you gave me

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday at 4PM SLT we will be celebrating the end of Leaf on the Wind and having a party on board the Titanic on the sim.  DJ, Miss London Callin, is donating all tips received from the party towards Leaf on the Wind and we are really hoping to go out with a bang and have one million lindens in the account.  We are already so close!

For Amy

The photo above is from Lucie Bluebird and what really bought a smile to my face for this one was that Lucie used the Live, love, laugh wall decor from Alouette, Amy/Scarlet’s store, in her blog post.  It was a nice touch and very fitting for the moving post she wrote.  The photo below is from Multimuse Resident.  She really thought outside the box for this one and resized the Ispachi set so she looked like a little mini person standing on the table in amongst the cupcakes.  Very cute!

Piggy Cupcake Profile Photo

Don’t forget the auctions will end during our Titanic party on Saturday so if you haven’t yet placed any bids now is the time to run in and outbid those that are currently there.  Cyclic Gearz, owner of LVLE, has a fabulous item on the auction boards – one blender lesson worth USD$35.  If you have been wanting to learn how to use the 3D program but haven’t been able to afford lessons or find good tutorials then you don’t want to miss out this one.  As well as the blender lessons LVLE is hosting a second Auction board.  This one is auctioning off a one of a kind art work drawn by Cyclic’s RL partner, Daniel Burrows.  It truly is an amazing art piece.


To close off todays update we have this adorable set up from Joonie, using the items from Dust Bunny. The cat totally makes the picture just that more awesome.  And for those wondering what our donation tally is at the moment, we’re sitting at L$968,823, just L$31,177 short of reaching that one million mark.

Home is Where the Heart Is ♥