22769 Brandimage [512x512]

Owner / Designer:  Paco Pooley & Manuel Ormidale

In World Store:  Find it here!

Marketplace Store:  Find it here!

What donation items can you find at Leaf On The Wind:

The London Calling Living Room Set. There are several combinations available

Telephone Booth Nook: LI6/8 Prims – 15 single poses

Post Box Bar LI2/3 Prims

Cube Pouf Union Jack (each) LI 1/1 Prim – 10 single poses

Chesterfield Sofa “London Calling” (3 LI Versions in package: High LI 33/3 Prims, Medium LI 22/3 Prims, Low LI 11/3 Prims) – 15 single and 9 couple animations.

Union Jack Flag LI 4/2 Prims

Abbey Road Rug: LI 3/1 Prim

Abbey Road End Table: LI 1/1 Prim

London Coffee Table Books: LI 1/1 Prim

All 75% Donation
22769 ~ [bauwerk] London Calling for LEAF ON THE WIND


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