Our Goal – Donation Tally

World Map

GREEN PLANE – With the announcement of Leaf on the Wind now public and more stores getting on board, we have donation kiosks around the grid at various stores.  One week in, the actual event itself is still over a month away but our donation kiosks have collected L$ 29,538

ORANGE PLANE – There’s a month of planning, final cramming from designers to figure out what to make, setting up the sim and making it pretty then we open the gates for one and all.  With a quick check of what our donation kiosks have collected so far we are now up to L$93,431

PINK PLANE – It’s just one week away until we open the gates for the public.  We’re all really excited to show you the sim as well as the awesome items the designers have on offer. With a quick check of our donation kiosks to see how we are going even before the event starts, we are totally gobsmacked!  We have broken the 100k mark already.  How exciting.  We’re going to reach our goal, I just know it! L$123,101

YELLOW PLANE – Day one of the bloggers early access day isn’t even fully over yet.  It’s been 13 hours since we opened the gates to let the SL Blogger Support group through , we started out the day with a little over L$144,000 in the fundraiser account and as right now we have L$244,128

RED PLANE – Day one of trading has been and gone and OH EM GEE!  We opened the event with having already beaten our half way mark.  With only one day of business done we have now almost reached our target !!!!!  L$593,515

BLUE PLANE – It’s the end of week one and we have well and truly met our target.  In fact we crashed past our target before the end of day two!  It’s official now ladies and gents.  We are definitely helping Amy cross off visiting London from her bucket list.  All extra funds we raise now will just make the trip all the more exciting.  Who knows maybe a first class trip is in order to make it more enjoyable.  Or maybe just putting it aside so that after Amy comes back from her trip she can recover for a couple of weeks and not have to worry about bills.  L$746,586



3 thoughts on “Our Goal – Donation Tally

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  3. This makes me cry in a good way, it’s beautiful to see that when people need it, the community pulls together in such a strong way to make each other’s dreams come true. Sometimes I think I worry about humanity, but times like this makes me feel like the world is not such a bad place. This is beautiful.

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